somerset thinking skills course (stsc)

STSC is designed as a comprehensive cognitive enhancement programme. It does not offer a 'quick fix' solution to learners with specific or general learning difficulties. There are approximately 150 activities which have been structured and carefully sequenced in a modular format to build student confidence and competence. Vocabulary, thinking skills, codes and conventions introduced in earlier modules are developed and used progressively throughout each module and throughout the course. Hence, teachers need to be careful if they use the programme as a resource, rather than a course. Some of the problems can be reduced if teachers study the guidelines carefully and refer back to related activities. More about STSC

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thinking enhancement for language and literacy (tell)

TELL is a new teaching resource by Marj Ballinger which can meet the needs and demands of English Departments struggling to make links between the Framework for English teaching at Key Stage 3. More about TELL

Cognitive Acceleration through Technology Education (CATE) Authors: Tony Hamaker and John Backwell

CATE is designed to enhance and develop thinking and reasoning processes at Key Stage 3 within Design and Technology education. It is based on ideas adapted from the Cognitive Acceleration through Science Education (CASE) project and the Somerset Thinking Skills Course (STSC). CATE provides a Teachers Handbook and three modules (with photocopiable activities for the pupils) for use with years 7, 8 and 9. More about CATE


the stsc handbook

The STSC Handbook explains the theoretical model and how the course has been structured and organised. It offers advice on timetabling, classroom management, effective mediation and diagnostic applications of STSC. The handbook also includes useful checklists for both student and teacher.

thinking skills at work (tsaw)

In a 2 year study commissioned by the Employment Department, STSC-like tasks simulating common workplace problems and situations were trialled in controlled studies with vocational trainees and employess. Significant improvements in workplace thinking, problem solving and personal effectiveness were reported amongst subjects in all studies. More about TSAW

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